A room in the middle of Rome, one week-end and 3 types of tourist

Tell me who you are and we will advise on what to visit in Rome, starting from our rooms.

After struggling a bit we finally found the perfect room in the Roman centre, so let’s leave our luggage and get ready to go out. Rome is big so we have to organize well in order to move around with astuteness without losing precious time.
In first place, where do we start from? What should i visit? We must not lose time so let’s get out of the bedroom and let’s visit one the most beautiful Piazza’s in Rome: Piazza Navona. It’s exactly one minute distance from your room. Now let’s sit down to have breakfast and decide together what we want to see.

The cultural side

Do you enjoy museums? Great! Here’s five museums to not miss:

  • Vatican Museums: a priceless collection of great value and beauty and the wonderful Sistina’s chapel.
  • Museum Capitolini: all about the greatness of the Roman Empire.
  • Galleria Borghese: don’t miss, inside the beautiful Borghes’se residence. One of the most beautiful collections in the world.
  • The National Gallery of Modern Art: art from XIX century until today, such as Picasso, Pollock, Modigliani.
  • Museum Castel Sant’Angelo: history and stories of the most famous castel in Rome.

The religious side 

Are you in Rome and you don’t want to miss visiting places of worship? Here’s the most beautiful:

  • Saint Peter’s: it represents the centre of Cristianity. Inevitable destination for believers.
  • Saint Louis of France: the centre of French community in Rome.
  • Saint Mary on Minerva: a rare and precious example of a gothic church in a baroque city.
  • Saint Mary of Peace: located in one of the nicest districts of Rome.

The shopper

Are you looking for souvenirs, gadgets and made in Italy products? Here’s the main shopping streets of the capital:

  • Via Condotti
  • Via Borgognona
  • Via Fratina
  • All the area of Piazza di Spagna

What are you waiting for? Your holiday in Rome can finally start!
Charming Navona’s staff is there for you in case of need and advice on transportation and routes to get to the desired destination.

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